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Looking for an alternate to steel, aluminium or timber structural members that will never rust, rot or be damaged by termites, then consider the Kombo Enterprises Structural Polymer Range

Standard or custom sizes available

Available in a range of profiles, including I-Beam, Channel, Box, Angle and specialised grating flooring

Fully certified with span tables available

Swap out steel, LVL or aluminium trusses for a lighter but stronger structural member

structural engineering support available

We have built a wide range of projects using our polymer range

Easy to work on with carpentry tools

No need to re-invent the wheel, carry by hand and cut, drill and fit easily on-site

Next generation FRP

Australian conditions are challenging for most structural building materials. Steel can have surface treatments such as galvanised coatings, but in coastal areas this will only provide a limited number of years of protection and we all know cold-gal edge coatings are going to rust very quickly. Stainless steel is prohibitively expensive for load bearing beams, while aluminium trusses typically require higher profiles and specialised manufacturing for each project application, with the added engineering certification costs. Timber beams such as LVL are heavy to lift and do not suite exposed applications where moisture can damage the laminates.

Fibre Reinforced Polymer profiles are about 1/4 the weight of their steel equivalent, have excellent fire ratings and provide a genuine alternate for many new projects.

our vision

To achieve a greener and healthier environment we need to challenge the legacy materials that have been traditionally used within the building industry. Steel, aluminium, reinforced concrete and timber have been the bedrock for structural profiles for the last 50 to 100 years. But that has changed with the availability of Kombo Enterprises Structural Polymer. Even the small step of selecting our FRP profiles for your next project can help reduce the global carbon footprint. The manufacturing process for FRP creates fewer emissions, requires less energy to produce, has less environmental impact for sourcing the raw materials and because it does not corrode can be recycled at end of life. These benefits exclude the longer serviceability achieved from using FRP and reduced maintenance costs.

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